How To Perform Roof Painting In Auckland

Painting your roof is one of the best ways of adding value to your home. Any type of roof can be painted be it tiled or corrugated. For the job to be done in an effective manner, prepare thoroughly and ensure that you use the right equipment.

Roof painting in Auckland

There are several options of roof painting in Auckland. This is why you need to take your time and choose one that is ideal for you and suits your budget. Water based roofing paints are ideal for shingle roofs and cement tiled roofs.Auckland Roof Painting However, some paints are unsuitable for drinking water. If you are planning to collect rainwater from your roof, ensure that you do some research and ask around. This will help you buy paint that is suitable for collection of rain water. Even though oil based roofing paints are the best type of roofing for collecting rain water, I would avoid painting cement tiles with an oil based paint. The best paints for iron roofs are oil based roof paints as they can prevent rust in roofs which are old and rusty.

Although you can use water based paints on iron roofs, you need to treat any rust before painting or else it may soon appear again after painting. If you have a few extra dollars to spare, you could consider getting one of the heat resistant paints or an additive to add to your paint. I have heard some good reports about thermal additives and I will use them when I paint my roof because I want to use a dark colour. I also know someone who painted a shipping container with a thermal paint and they were satisfied with the results.


Give your roof a clean before painting it. Corrugated roofs can be cleaned very fast by using a high-pressure washer. Another way is using a hose and scrubbing down with a broom. Roof Painting in AucklandThis method is also the best for cleaning a tiled roof. However, you need to use chemicals first to remove any lichen from the tiles.

Tiled roof preparation

Look for any cracked or broken tiles and replace them. Repairing any mortar that may be damaged around the ridge capping requires that you remove the ridge capping, apply a new mortar and put the capping to the place it was in. The mortar should be dry before painting.

Corrugated roof preparation

The best way of cleaning a corrugated roof is washing the roof with a degreaser. If your roof is not painted or you have unpainted replacement sheets, give it a coat or primer. You have to ensure that this is dry before you start painting.

Choosing your paintColors for Roof Painting in Auckland

Calculate the area of your roof and buy enough paint to apply two coats. Always remember that lighter colors reflect heat while darker colours absorb heat.

Painting a tiled roof

Using an airless spray gun or a brush is the best and quickest way of painting a tiled roof. It is good to use a water based paint on your roof. However, if the roof you want to paint has lost most of its colour, applying a thick coating of sealer will be good for the roof.

Painting a corrugated roof

It is a good idea to choose paint that is specifically meant for metal roofs. This is because of the fact that they adhere better and hold up against the elements. Airless spraying is the most effective way of painting a roof. You can also buy paint rollers which are corrugated iron shaped. However, you will need a brush to paint the corners and ridge caps.Advantages of Auckland Roof Painting

Roof safety

  • Wear sturdy shoes or boots, safety glasses, and a hardhat.
  • Don’t work on the roof alone.
  • Wear a safety harness that is tied to something sturdy.
  • Make sure the ladder is on a solid, level surface.

Roof painting tips

It is good to ensure that you are able to get back down from the roof without having to walk over wet paint. You can achieve this with a little planning before you start painting. If you will be using an airless spray gun, try as much as possible to be careful on a windy day. This is because there is some over spray that can be carried a long way in windy conditions. I have a friend who just recently painted a large two storey roof and had to knock on someone’s door to inform them that their Harley Davison was covered with paint spots. This is not something I would want to do. Therefore, you need to be very cautious when using an airless spray gun in windy conditions. Ensure that you know the weather forecast and avoid painting your roof if it is going to rain. If it is going to be hot, I would suggest that you start early enough.

Preventative maintenance

If your house is located at the coast or if there are many large trees shading your home, see if there is mould and moss growing on your tiles. Remove them as soon

as possible so that the tiles will remain beautiful. Mould and moss can stain the tiles and even lead to underlying problems if not dealt with early enough.

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